Ganesh Puja

05/09/2016 10:00:00

Chadurthi is a day of importance for Lord Ganesh(Vinayaga), and is considered auspicious to initiate with any new endeavour, job or project. This occurs twice every month once during the growing moon period and once during the waning moon period. The Chadurthi which falls during the growing moon period is considered as Sankadahara Chadurthi and is considered more auspicious than the other occurance. The main Chadurthi called Sri Ganesh Chadurthi (Sri Vinayaga Chadurthi) occurs during the month of September in the growing moon period and is celebrated with pomp and splendour in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Calcutta and other parts of India. During this festival large and decorated idols of Sri Vinayaga are drowned in the rivers and lakes marking the occasion.

Monday 5th September, 2016

10:00AM - 5:00PM